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"Thin Line Acupuncture was created to support those who serve our community everyday. It is for the moms and dads by day and officers by night, for the men and women risking their lives to bring peace and justice to every American, and for those first on the scene ready to protect us when our worst nightmares come to life. With out you what kind of nation would we be. Thank you for your service!"

~Christal DeHay, AP, DOM

President of TLA



Thin Line Acupuncture, Inc. is a 501c3 non-for profit group comprised of acupuncture physicians, retired community service personal and healthcare workers who wish to better the lives of those who are in service to our community and country. We acknowledge  that those who choose to walk the Thin Line everyday due so by putting their lives and wellbeing at risk. We have come together to help ease the burden of these service men and women by forming Thin Line Acupuncture to provide relief from common conditions associated with high stress and trauma related to their field of work. We do so by the providing exceptional and 100% natural forms of therapy at little to NO cost to the individual. 


Acupuncture is a highly effective tool for managing stress, improving sleep, boosting immune function and relieving symptoms associated with PTSD. Compared with alternative therapies such as pharmaceuticals acupuncture provides lasting positive effects on the mind and body  without any harmful side effects. For individuals that do not want to talk about their experiences, acupuncture allows them to manage symptoms and potentially work through their trauma without having to recount it. 


Thin Line Acupuncture provides simple acupuncture treatments both individually and in a community style group setting. During these treatments a small number of acu-points are selected near the wrists, lower leg and ear including the NADA protocol, which is 4-5 needles placed on the outer ear. The needles used are individually packaged, single use, and sterile. This treatment is geared toward relieving stress, improving sleep, boosting immune function, and bringing the body and mind into harmony and balance.  Treatemtns last between 30-45 minutes in duration and we ask for those who wish to attend to arrive 15 minutes prior to the treatment. Group acupuncture is given in a quite comfortable healing atmosphere where the patient is amongst friends, family, and community all with a similar goal in mind; “to feel better and achieve optimal health.”

Who is Eligible for Treatment?

The primary individuals we are trying to support are those men and women in Law Enforcement, both Active Duty and Retired Military Veterans, Firefighters, Frontline Healthcare workers, and EMS Providers. Treatments are FREE to these individuals. Friends and family are also encouraged to experience these powerfully restorative  treatments themselves, though we ask that they schedule through our host clinic Deep Roots Family Wellness by calling (954) 434-1800 or by clicking here for your Free Consultation. All service men and women can schedule via Email or call our office at (954) 434-1800 and request Thine Line Acupuncture services.

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